Business, Criminal, Appellate, & Estate Planning Attorney

Alexander Rusek is an associate attorney with White Law PLLC in Okemos, Michigan. His practice focuses on business law and litigation, criminal defense, appellate law, and estate planning. Mr. Rusek has represented new and established businesses and individuals in wide-array of legal matters. Mr. Rusek approaches each case by examining all of the facts and evidence and providing his clients with a comprehensive view of all possible solutions to their legal matters. Mr. Rusek also has a keen interest in using technology in the legal field. He strongly believes that new and emerging technology can be used to provide his clients with more effective and efficient legal services. Mr. Rusek earned his bachelor of arts from Oakland University and graduated cum laude from the Michigan State University College of Law. Recently, Mr. Rusek was elected to the Michigan State University College of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors. He enjoys mentoring law students and looks forward to helping students connect with practicing attorneys as a member of the Student Liaison Committee and by continuing his involvement in programs such as Mentor Jets, mock trials, and moot courts. Outside of the law, Mr. Rusek enjoys golfing, supporting Spartan and Detroit sports teams, and becoming a part of the Greater Lansing community through volunteerism.

Bar Admissions

  • 2013 State Bar of Michigan


Oakland University, 318 Meadow Brook Rd, Rochester, MI 48309
BA - Bachelor of Arts - 2010
Michigan State University College of Law, 648 N Shaw Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824
JD - Juris Doctor - 2013

Career Highlights

  • Jurisprudence Award in Complex Civil Litigation - Michigan State University College of Law
  • Dean's List - Michigan State University College of Law
Legal Resources
Your rights during an arrest
April 11, 2018 - Alexander Rusek

Many people are unsure of what to do when they’re about to be arrested. If you’re about to be arrested, it helps to understand your constitutional rights.

Should you resolve your employment dispute with arbitration?
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No matter how large or small your business, conflicts could come up and that means a tedious dispute resolution that can be a huge hassle for everyone involved. Fortunately there are options for resolving disputes that don’t involve dragging your case to court and presenting it to a judge.

Is Bankruptcy My Only Option?
April 11, 2018 - Alexander Rusek

If you really feel as though bankruptcy isn’t the right choice for you or you don’t qualify, there are viable alternatives to bankruptcy that can help you get back to financial independence without resorting to the bankruptcy process.

Filing Whistleblower Claims
April 11, 2018 - Alexander Rusek

A “whistleblower” is an employee who reports illegal or unethical activity of their employer to the proper authorities. However, since employers may face monetary penalties, sanctions, and costly remediation costs associated with correcting the violation, reporting employees may be victims of employer retaliation.


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