Civil and Business Law Attorney

I represent Latinos in civil, business, and employment litigation matters, ranging from contract disputes or employment issues to small business litigation or landlord-tenant matters. In May 2016, I obtained my second law degree (JD) from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. Prior to law school in the US, I practiced law in the Republic of Honduras, where I remain licensed. In fall 2016, I launched Ceiba Forte Law Firm®, serving the Minnesota Latino population in civil matters under low bono fee arrangements. I am licensed in New York State, where I also practice civil, business & employment litigation for Latinos (though mostly remotely). Notate bene: (1) I do not practice immigration law (with few super rare exceptions). (2) I already have a financial planner. (3) I am not interested in working anywhere else--or in hiring staff.

Bar Admissions

  • 2016 Minnesota
  • 2017 New York
  • 2010 Republic of Honduras


Houghton College, Houghton, New York
Bachelor of Arts - 2007
Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Abogado / Lawyer - 2010
Mitchell Hamline School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota
Juris Doctor - 2016
Legal Resources
Your Rights Upon Termination of Employment
June 12, 2018 - Inti Martinez Aleman

Your employer calls and tells you that you have been let go from a company you have put your heart and soul into the past several years. After you have moved past the initial feelings of shock and frustration, you may have several questions regarding your legal rights. Your employer didn’t tell you why you are being let go and refuses to compensate you your full wages. Do you have any legal recour

Residence for a close relative in the US
June 12, 2018 - Inti Martinez Aleman

One of the easiest ways to obtain a Green Card (legal permanent residence) is through a close relative who is a US citizen. If you are already in the US and entered with some type of visa, the process can be relatively easy. If you are not in the US or if you entered the US illegally, there are other ways to obtain permanent residence.

How to legally start and operate your business
June 12, 2018 - Inti Martinez Aleman

It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a cleaning business, or if you do construction, auto repair, or paint homes and buildings. You need to operate your business according to Minnesota law. If you don’t do it, you may get in serious problems with the law.


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