REPRESENTING WHISTLEBLOWERS SINCE 1998. FIGHTING MEDICARE, MILITARY, GOVERNMENT, AND CORPORATE FRAUD In the early 1990s, Warner Mendenhall served two terms on Akron’s City Council where he challenged the legality and constitutionality of City Council’s actions, even when faced with overwhelming opposition by entrenched politicians. This effort to bring accountability to our local government led him to study law and become at attorney in 1998. His activist background shaped his legal practice which is focused on stopping local government abuses, representing whistleblowers, and protecting civil rights. Warner represents brave whistleblowers who expose the misuse of federal dollars in local government grant programs, military contracting, Medicare and Medicaid programs, and at for-profit proprietary or career schools. These actions, brought under the Federal False Claims Act, empower citizens to act on behalf of the Federal Government to recover misspent and wasted funds. To date, Warner’s clients have helped return almost $20,000,000.00 to the United States Treasury. Warner has represented home owners and business owners defend themselves against eminent domain actions by The City of Akron, The University of Akron, The City of Green, Cuyahoga County, and The City of Canton. In a recent case he won a $3.1 million dollar verdict for a business owner whose property was being seized by the University of Akron. The verdict was several times the amount offered for the land at issue. Warner also knows that without access to public records, citizens cannot hold their government accountable. He has represented citizens throughout the State of Ohio to gain access to local, state, and national public records. In one case, he litigated against the U.S. EPA, DOE, and Army, under the Freedom of Information Act, seeking documentation of radioactive dumping in Uniontown, Ohio. In another case, he helped City of Akron employees prove that hundreds of time records had been destroyed by the City depriving them of overtime pay. Finally, on a pro bono basis, Warner helped develop language in Akron’s City Charter pertaining to campaign finance reform and language that blocks the sale or lease of public utilities to private corporations without citizen approval. Warner considers it a privilege to represent the citizen activists, whistleblowers, and business owners who choose to fight for justice.


University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
JD - 1998
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
MA - 1996
University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
BA - 1985
La Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia
Attended - 1983
College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
Attended - 1982
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