“Building Relationships for Success:” HGD Shares 3 Important Tips

Here are three of our tips for attorneys looking to firmly plant themselves on the track to success

Stephen Heninger
January 27, 2018

At Heninger Garrison Davis LLC, one of the foremost principles driving our firm’s success has always been an unwavering dedication to our clients. Still, working hard— putting in those hours and doing the follow-up along the way— is just a singular aspect of demonstrating dedication to the individuals for whom we’re serving. The quality that boosts you from good to great in your chosen profession is fully understanding that attorneys are truly in the business of building and honoring relationships with our clients. Here are three of our tips for attorneys looking to firmly plant themselves on the track to success:


1. Connections are key

When you connect with your client, you create open communication that allows you to better serve them and their specific needs. Take the time and effort to connect with the client over more than just the details of the case itself. This means getting to know them— what are their specific interests? Goals? Fears? What are they all about? Even if at a surface level you may find little in common, digging a bit deeper typically yields you have a shared something to begin building the kind of open dialogue necessary to best assist them with their case. Whether it’s that you both love chicken pot pie or that his son plays little league and you used to ref in high school, search for those unique fibers that best tie you to a better understanding of who they are.


2. Trust matters

Clients, regardless of their specific case, are often nervous. Much of this comes from uncertainty. Remember, legal jargon is confusing and murky for those who don’t practice the law. After all, imagine trying to perform a cello solo when you’ve never picked up a cello before. Maybe you’ve never even seen a cello! Take time to explain things to your clients, even finding clear, concise language or terms that they’ll understand. If you’re uncertain of how best to do this, remember you’re part of a firm’s team for a reason! Those who have been at it for longer are great resources to seek information on how you can make things easier for your client to understand (which ultimately makes things easier for you!)


3. Up your emotional intelligence

Connecting with your client requires you to put yourself in their shoes. Listen for emotional cues as you interact with them. Does their voice change when discussing a particular detail of their case? Ask them how they feel! Tell them you understand, even reiterating that their concerns are vaild and, more importantly, that they’re being heard! Then, let them talk through their perceptions, their worry, their confusion. You may be shocked at the results!


At Heninger Garrison Davis, we remain ready to build a rewarding relationship with our clients. We understand that trust takes time to nourish and build, and that it can be severed in an instant. Our attorneys are resolute in doing the very best for every client, every single time. With our team of dedicated, knowledgeable of attorneys (including four who have been deemed 2017 Mid-South Super Lawyers and another seven were named Rising Stars by Super Lawyers), clients can find peace of mind throughout the legal process from start to finish. If you or someone you know is in search of an attorney to handle a potential case, book a consultation on Attornify for a free evaluation!

About The Author

Steve Heninger graduated from the University of Illinois in 1972 where he was a member of the track team. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army for two years as a prosecutor before enrolling in law school at the completion of his tour of duty. Steve graduated from the Cumberland School of Law ...

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