Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

You have probably seen this scenario already: you go to the doctor with some symptoms and you are told that you have to go through a differential diagnosis in order to determine the exact cause for your problems. You will be asked a lot of questions and you will have to go to through a series of tests.

Sean Cleary
March 25, 2018


The doctor should use differential diagnosis just like a true investigator and should take any sign and symptom like valuable clues, always putting the most dangerous 'suspects' at the top of the list.

It is also possible for diagnosis errors to occur if doctors fail to consider all the potential causes of their patient's disease. As no guessing is allowed in medicine, when a doctor makes a supposition without considering all the viable options, he is actually gambling a person's well-being.

The use of differential diagnosis may sometimes not even be enough to protect a doctor from being accused of medical malpractice, as the process itself requires careful consideration. For example, if what a doctor believes you have, actually proves to be a wrong diagnosis, we call that misdiagnosis - thus, the doctor ends up treating the wrong condition, putting the patient's life at risk.




A lot of people believe that misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis are common aspects of the healthcare practice, but that is a mistake. A delayed or a missed diagnosis can lead to grave problems and can make a real challenge out of treating a medical concern. Both situations are recognized by the law as financially, physically and emotionally harmful to individuals.

Missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis occurs when a medic fails to recognize a health condition at the time the issue presents itself. A good example here would be when a person goes to the doctor with a rapid heartbeat and the doctor just assumes that it's all about a panic attack, expecting to see if the upsetting symptom goes away on its own. If the patient is actually experiencing heart failure or a very high blood pressure, then the doctor has missed the diagnosis and a proper treatment is not implemented when needed.

Misdiagnosis, on the other hand, is when a doctor has diagnosed a patient with the wrong medical condition, although the process of differential diagnosis has been respected. Misdiagnosis is highly dangerous, because it can result in unnecessary, often quite harmful treatments. Moreover, the time spent to care for the wrong condition can lead to the actual disease getting critical, not to talk about the financial aspects of it all. The most commonly misdiagnosed conditions include stroke, heart attack, cancers, aneurysms, meningitis, appendicitis or tuberculosis.

Misdiagnosis is when the doctor puts a diagnosis, but it's wrong, as for missed diagnosis, the doctor says that everything is fine, completely missing the diagnosis - for instance, a woman who is assured that her breast lump is benign, only to find out later that it was actually something malignant in nature, and the condition was left untreated.



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