The Almighty Dress

Efficient and hassle free! The almighty dress! Now that I have gone full infomercial on you, let me tell you why I love to wear dresses in my professional life.

Natali Marquez Ponce
January 18, 2018

There is absolutely no way I could pull off looking professional and fashionable without my dresses!

Yes, I have a thousand plus shirts, skirts, and pants, but I am always drawn to my dresses. With my busy schedule, I rarely have time in the morning to peruse my closet and pick out the perfect outfit. Having a plethora of dresses that are conservative, chic, and functional for all seasons, especially with Chicago weather, helps shorten my work week morning routine. Solid prints are my favorite because they stay in style the longest and can be paired with a blazer, fun accessories and snazzy shoes.

Here are a few of my favorites! Send me links to your favorite dresses and let me know why you love it/them so I can add them to my wardrobe!





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