Tips & instructions to help setup your profile

A successful profile not only displays your talent, but also highlights the personal characteristics that differentiate you. Here are some tips and instructions on how properly to set up your profile. Top profiles receive best client engagements!

Azam Khan
November 09, 2017



1. Choose a professional and friendly photo


Sample Profile Photo

Your photo makes the first impression, so it should show that you’re a professional. Unlike a photo you might select for a social networking site, your Attornify profile picture should be a headshot of you dressed professionally. Make sure your photo is in focus, in high resolution, and with a plain background. You don’t need a professional photographer or fancy camera to take a great photo. 



2. Fill out your profile in detail: General, Bio, Bar, Education, & Career Highlights

Fill out your Attornify profile with as much detail as possible. A surprising number of lawyers claim their Attornify profile and then do nothing to make sure it accurately reflects their credentials and experience. Take a second to make sure that the information that you’ve provided is correct, particularly within your license and education sections. It is important to provide as much relevant information as you can.
Keep your profile updated. Recent awards, publications, and recognitions are a great way to demonstrate that you know how to drive results. Laws change, and having current accomplishments prove that you've kept up with the legal world.
  • GENERAL SECTION: Fill out details. Showcase your expertise. Click SAVE
  • BIO SECTION: Our Bio section is your pitch to potential clients. It should clearly state your professional experience, specific skills, and the work you’re most passionate about.
    • Answer these questions for clients:
      • What type of customer service do you offer? What is your experience level (e.g., handling basic issues, solving complex issues, etc.)?
      • How many years of experience do you have in those areas?
      • Do you have industry-specific knowledge (e.g., hospitality, sales, technical product support, etc.)?
    • Fill out all details. Click SAVE
  • Click on BAR ADMISSIONS tab and fill out details. Click SAVE
  • Click on EDUCATION tab and fill out details. Click SAVE
  • Click on CAREER HIGHLIGHTS tab and fill out details. Click SAVE

General Info and Bio


3. Add a great gallery of images: Gallery Tab

An attractive gallery of images differentiates your profile from others by giving clients a compelling look at who you are, what you offer, and what your firm is all about. Feel free to upload your personal marketing material. Please avoid any images that are irrelevant to your professional career. Upload images and click SAVE.


Client Gallery


4. Set up your schedule


This is the most important part. Your profile will not show up to clients until you setup your weekly schedule. 

  • Click on days & times you would like to take consultation calls. Click SAVE.
  • Sync your personal calendar Google or Clio - that way all your appointments stay in one place. Sync is not required but provides an easy way to ensure you don't miss or double book any appointments.

Weekly Schedule Setup


5. Get help from Attornify


Having a hard time or issuses setting up? Lets Talk! Email me at and I will be more than happy to personally integrate you and your firm!

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