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A personal injury can result from a car crash, dog bite, slip and fall or even a construction accident. You need to exercise your rights if you were badly injured because of someone else. A lawyer in Riverside can help you to do this. You need to understand what an attorney from the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm will do after you are injured in an accident or other incident.

Jonathan Yagoubzadeh
January 16, 2018

Find Out Who Is Responsible

One of the first things the lawyers will do is to find out who is responsible for your injury. This is not as simple as it sounds. The other party must be proven liable for the injury through neglect, maliciousness or other legal factors. The person you think is responsible might not be. There could be a few different liable parties depending on the situation. Hiring attorneys from the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm will allow you to determine who was responsible and who can be legally held liable for your damages.


Gather Up Evidence That Will Make a Difference

Building a case that proves the liability of another person for your injuries requires evidence. Riverside personal injury lawyers are going to do everything possible to get that evidence. They could do a number of things such as requesting financial records, interviewing witnesses, taking photographs and even making recreations. An attorney will investigate the scene where the incident took place to see if anything contradicts the claims of the potentially liable parties. A lawyer makes it easier for you to gain the evidence you need to prove the case.


Explain the Legal Process in Riverside

Most people have little to no understanding of the legal system in Riverside. This can be a disadvantage when filing a personal injury claim. An attorney from the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm will take the time to explain the process to you. This will allow you to start aiding in your case and making informed decisions about what actions are in your best interest. It also helps you to understand what is going on when different legal documents or tactics are used against you. This legal guidance can be invaluable.


Provide Help during Your Recovery

You might have sustained an injury that requires weeks, months or years of recovery. You might be restricted in what you can do during this period. If you hire Riverside personal injury lawyers, then they will provide help while you are recovering. The attorneys can work to get your paperwork in order, manage court filings and even represent you during required meetings. This is very important because you do not want to make things worse by interrupting your recovery just to take care of the technical details of your claim.


Accurately List Your Damages

Exactly what your damages are after the accident or other incident might not always be clear. You could be entitled to far more than just the cost of an ambulance or medical treatment. The professionals at the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm will be able to accurately list all of your damages in the claim. These are financial losses related to your injuries such as missing paychecks because you cannot work or medical bills from a hospital. They could be intangible losses such as pain and suffering or an inability to enjoy your life. It is important to have an attorney handle the amount of compensation that you are asking for since requesting an excessive figure could actually hurt your case.


Protect You against Insurance Companies and Opposing Lawyers

Insurance companies are going to start investigating you and your case after a claim is filed. Under certain circumstances, you might also be facing opposing lawyers representing the liable party. You could be inundated with paperwork, motions and people all trying to disprove your case. You could potentially be tricked in giving up your rights or admitting liability. Riverside personal injury attorneys will protect you against insurance companies and opposing lawyers for the duration of the case.


Try To Negotiate Fair Compensation

Something that the lawyers at the Yagoubzadeh Law Firm have experience with is negotiating settlements with insurers or other parties. This is actually the most common way personal injury cases are resolved. Your attorney is going to be confident and strong when negotiating for a settlement. The lawyer will cut through any pointless tactics to get right to the point. Your lawyer will also not stop negotiating until the settlement includes fair compensation for everything you went through.


Litigate Your Case in Civil Court

A final thing Riverside personal injury lawyers will do for you is to litigate the case in court if negotiations fail. The threat of litigation often causes some personal injury victims to give up and accept a small settlement. If you have a lawyer at you side, then it is clear that you are prepared to go to trial from the very first day. Your attorney will work hard to try to win fair compensation if your case has to be settled in court.

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